First blog post

I am usually scared of sharing my personal opinions and ideas as I often feel that people tend to make a big deal out of it and starting a fight or intense debate. I am writing this blog with the mission of expanding my point of view and to better understand the millions of opinions and ideas in the world. This will (hopefully)┬áinclude the thoughts I disagree with or doesn’t yet understand.

This blog will not necessarily be filled with only my opinions, but ideas I’ve come across that I would like to explore a bit more and figure out if it suits me or not. Which also makes this blog a journey for the development of my opinions.

Everything will be looked upon with my eyes. Meaning it is based on what I know, which is not everything, and echoes the wish to learn more.

If you do disagree, agree, wonder, question, thoughts or ideas, please say so. I would be glad to share thoughts and opinions with more people, in a safe space.

As I am not settled in my way of thinking about the world and I am in the process of developing ideas and opinions, this is my way of exploring. Exploring different opinions, ideas, world views, crises, politics, international affairs and relations – basically whatever comes across my mind as interesting.


Thank you for reading.