The world is my favourite place

Istanbul, Ataturk Airport 02.11.2017

Right now I am on my way to Tanzania to explore a totally new culture and eat lots of their food. But my journey has been very international so far; first I had to travel from Oslo to Istanbul with an interesting conversation with a person from Eritrea. I’m already on my way where I want to be – intercultural. Arriving in Istanbul I end up siting next to a couple from Sweden, but originally from the area of Tanzania/Uganda. We talk about travelling, and living abroad. The memories you make when you travel and that these memories are the most precious ones you can create for yourself.
I wish to make more of such memories, I want to meet more people who expand my views and challenge my ways. I need to learn more about this world because the only way we can save it is knowing how to save it.

On top of this I have listened to podcasts about Iraq, Palestine and Syria, so my journey so far has been very international, and I’m still in Europe. Can’t wait to reach my final destination!

Dar es Salaam, local airport, 03.11.2017

Again before reaching Zanzibar I have come across a finish guy! This journey keeps getting better and better, the only thing missing now is some real good chai.


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