I will not let you die without anyone knowing!

My immediate response to Murhaf Fares, Dagsavisen 24.02.2018 https://www.dagsavisen.no/verden/bare-ikke-la-oss-do-uten-at-verden-vet-om-det-1.1105342 – Ikke la oss dø uten at verden vet om det.

I’m writing from Norway, a tiny country with a tiny population and one of the happiest countries in the world. This is the greatest contrast there is to the even smaller country of Syria, but with at least three times Norway’s population.

I’m writing because I’m lost, I’m tired, I’m fed up with the world not acting, and because I don’t know what else to do. At this point in time I am clueless, I do not understand how we, the world of fellow human beings, fail to take position on this crisis. Because we fail every time.

Why is it that again and again the organisations built to create international cooperation, uphold peace and ensure safety for the worlds population, fail the most vulnerable people of all. We fail to support people living in war zones, poverty and fear, which is also an increasing part of this world’s population.

After writing my Master thesis about Syrian refugees I have come to a conclusion that I do not understand what i really happening in Syria, nevertheless I have collected and saved a lot of information about the history of the country, the diversity of its people, the challenges of the political situation and the difficult choice of leaving your home behind to seek refuge someplace else. After eight months of research I was shocked and disturbed by the atrocities, crimes against humanity, blocking of aid, bombing and inhumane treatment of prisoners. It left me with a desperate heart, because it is difficult to find a solution that will allow peace to return to Syria. Then again, I did not expect me, myself and I to come up with a magical solution, but I have hoped and still hope that one day someone will find it.

It has now been 7 years. 7 years of killing. 7 years of fleeing. 7 years of hoping. 7 years of failing. 7 years too many – this must stop now.

My hope and light in these dark times are actually 7-year olds from the school where I work, because they know. They know about Syria. They know about the war in Syria. They know it means it is a dangerous place where children and adults are killed. They were born when this war started, yet they still know.

I know.

I’m telling you. I will continue to tell – until everyone knows.

Because the Syrian people will not die without the world knowing.



The world is my favourite place

Istanbul, Ataturk Airport 02.11.2017

Right now I am on my way to Tanzania to explore a totally new culture and eat lots of their food. But my journey has been very international so far; first I had to travel from Oslo to Istanbul with an interesting conversation with a person from Eritrea. I’m already on my way where I want to be – intercultural. Arriving in Istanbul I end up siting next to a couple from Sweden, but originally from the area of Tanzania/Uganda. We talk about travelling, and living abroad. The memories you make when you travel and that these memories are the most precious ones you can create for yourself.
I wish to make more of such memories, I want to meet more people who expand my views and challenge my ways. I need to learn more about this world because the only way we can save it is knowing how to save it.

On top of this I have listened to podcasts about Iraq, Palestine and Syria, so my journey so far has been very international, and I’m still in Europe. Can’t wait to reach my final destination!

Dar es Salaam, local airport, 03.11.2017

Again before reaching Zanzibar I have come across a finish guy! This journey keeps getting better and better, the only thing missing now is some real good chai.

Norwegian Values

Regardless of my Norwegian passport or Norwegian identity, I rarely feel Norwegian. I feel human. And I rarely understand why people say there is a difference between us and them, because I do not make that distinction. We are all the same, we are caring, loving human beings, in search of meaning. This can be found everywhere. Many people find meaning in religions and faiths, here they find a place where they belong.

I am very lucky. Because I feel I belong many places. I belong with my family. I belong with all of my friends. I belong in my flat. I belong in my parents’ house, my childhood home. I belong in Oslo. I belong in Trondheim. I belong in Norway. I belong in Denmark. I belong in England. I belong wherever my fiends are, wherever that is.

I belong in this world.

And I feel like a world citizen. Theresa May can call me stateless as much as she wants, I’m not giving up on this hope that people can overcome differences and live in peace. I know this sounds crazy to some, but a wise man once told me that before I turn 30 I’m allowed to be a bit naive and idealistic so I intend to stay that way. Let me believe in world peace, at least for a bit longer, because without this world what are human beings to do? This is our home.

Even though I’ve grown up in Norway and lived here for almost all of my life, I still feel more like a global citizen. Home is so many places, not just Norway or England. Home is a place I feel happy, and my happiness is not restrained to one geographical area, nor is it restricted to one type of food, one culture or one language. Everywhere I go I see different people, even that can make me happy and it certainly makes me think. It makes me think of the whole world, of how similar and different we humans are, and most of all how much more there is to learn about this world and its inhabitants, its nature and wildlife. I am reminded of this everyday when I walk around in Oslo. I pass people from many cultures, which reminds me that Norway is a multicultural society.

This brings me to what I wanted to discuss; the title of this post: Norwegian Values. It has been a strange, interesting, fun and sad political campaigning period so far, it is not over yet, but before I continue: Imagine if the campaigning started a year ahead, as the American election, then our Norwegian politicians would have argued about Norwegian values for a year… I find that crazy, because the answer to “What are Norwegian values?” would be different for each person you asked. I do not believe there is a right or wrong answer, or a standard answer that would suit all Norwegians. There are over 5 millions, of course we are different, yet we are all Norwegians.

Ever since the debate about Norwegian values begun, I’ve been waiting for a politician to mirror my Norwegian values, but I’m still waiting. I wish “their” Norwegian values allowed me to be myself. So far, I do not fit into the square boxes that are described in this years debate. Solely, because it is only about Norway. The debate seems to have forgotten to add the argument of Norwegian culture having been influenced by foreigners for a very long time, very, very long time. Norway has been governed by Denmark for 400 years, a lot of our traditions are the same, and our culture very similar, so how can Norwegians be sure that the values debates are truly Norwegian and not Danish? My question to this whole debate: Why does it matter? Does it matter? Isn’t it more important that we continue to care about fellow human beings, regardless of whether it is Norwegian or not?

This years debate is missing the bigger picture, as Aftenpodden mentioned 17th August. The focus should not be on brown cheese and waffles, but Norways global role. Issues concerning more than just ourselves. What about the European project, for example? What about Norways role in world affairs? And for me it is especially important to hear more about how Brexit will change, for example, our trade with the UK. It is important to focus on Norways place in Europe and the World, in these times of change. Yes, times are changing and I do not want to just sit in this little, safe bubble Norway provides. It is time for Norway to change with the rest of the world, we cannot hide from this, and I miss this focus in this years debate.


Who are “we” to decide?

Quite rapidly after watching this video: https://oslofreedomforum.com/talks/one-yazidi-against-isis
I wrote down the following paragraph, or first I started crying… Crying because I feel that so much wrong is being done in this world, and how unfair our world has become.
We are in no condition to determine how good our society is. We who live here, grew up here and continue our lives here, regardless of how much we travel, we will never be able to fully understand what it is like. We cannot under any circumstances possibly undestand how it is to grow up not having any rights at all, growing up scared, and in fear. In fear of what is coming, in fear of the future, in fear of life itself.
When I say we, I speak a group of people who have grown up knowing a safe, free and liberal society. People who have had options, choises and possibilities. I am one of such people, I am one of we, because I know I am not alone.
What I do know, and strongly feel, is that I want to do something about this. I strive to change the world. To make it fairer for all, and I don’t even want to name all the different cultures, religions, socieities, nationalities, or sexualities people define themselves as, because whoever you are, you are a part of all. I do not see you as what you are – I see you as a human being, a precious life worthy of safety, rights, food, meaning and, not quite simply, a voice. I see you for who you are, and you should be able to be whatever you want to be.
That is the world I’m dreaming of.
And until then, what we can do, is to tell the stories of what is happening.

First blog post

I am usually scared of sharing my personal opinions and ideas as I often feel that people tend to make a big deal out of it and starting a fight or intense debate. I am writing this blog with the mission of expanding my point of view and to better understand the millions of opinions and ideas in the world. This will (hopefully) include the thoughts I disagree with or doesn’t yet understand.

This blog will not necessarily be filled with only my opinions, but ideas I’ve come across that I would like to explore a bit more and figure out if it suits me or not. Which also makes this blog a journey for the development of my opinions.

Everything will be looked upon with my eyes. Meaning it is based on what I know, which is not everything, and echoes the wish to learn more.

If you do disagree, agree, wonder, question, thoughts or ideas, please say so. I would be glad to share thoughts and opinions with more people, in a safe space.

As I am not settled in my way of thinking about the world and I am in the process of developing ideas and opinions, this is my way of exploring. Exploring different opinions, ideas, world views, crises, politics, international affairs and relations – basically whatever comes across my mind as interesting.


Thank you for reading.